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Established in 2002, Universal Open Supply Sdn Bhd (UOS) is a trusted stockist and distributor of Roller Chains, Universal Joints, Conveyor Belts, Gear Motors, Gear Couplings, Conveyor Chains and others Power Transmission Parts. The founders of UOS have more than twenty years of experience in the conveyor and transmission industry.

Their collective knowledge and experience have put them in a position to consult to light and heavy industries and then to recommend and supply appropriate machinery parts.

UOS is particularly active in the supply of Chains, Gears, Couplings, Gear Motors, Belts and Power Transmission parts for automation systems, and to the conveyor and transmission industry. From its start as a stockist and distributor serving the Malaysian market, UOS have since begun to export to the regional markets such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere.

Our conveyor chains, conveyor belts, gear motors, gear reducers, roller chains, couplings are of the highest quality coming from internationally renowned brands such as KANA, JAC, KTR-ROTEX, CHIARAVALLI-GIFLEX, M.E.C, BANDO, MEGADYNE, SPG, TUNG LEE, GHIRRI, MOTOVARIO among others. Our product brands are known for long lasting reliability and thus reducing our customers' costly machinery breakdown time.

Our business maxim is straightforwardly simple. Understand our customers' needs; assist in troubleshooting, recommend the right parts, price competitively and great customer care like quick response and delivery always. UOS consciously positions itself as partner to its conveyor and transmission industry customers. We provide them with an efficient and cost effective "one-stop" customized parts solution for their maintenance, repair, and replacement and upgrade needs.

In a nutshell, UOS is the "go to" people for roller chains, universal joints, conveyor belts, conveyor chains, gear motors and gear couplings in Malaysia and the region. There is no parts problem that we cannot solve for you.

Call us at +603-89615100, 89619101,89641202 or email us at to discuss your parts requirements and we will be more than happy to help.