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Precision gears are vital mechanical components in numerous gadgets going from little watches to enormous drive wheels of boats. They turn in work with different gears to fulfil speed lessening and torque increment. They can likewise alter the course of pivot and some can change the edge of hub. At the point when a gear is fit with a Gear Rack, it changes over revolving movement to straight movement.

Gears are a positive drive and not at all like V belts and level belt drives, won't slip or crawl. For all intents and purposes any proportion lessening can be accomplished with a progression of gears or gear pulleys.

We have numerous times of experience fabricating fine pitch and coarse pitch gears, inch and metric gears, business quality and brilliant gears.

While choosing any style of accuracy gears, it is essential that the Pitch and Pressure Angle of both gears be indistinguishable.

We offer the most stretched out standard scope of gear sorts: Spur gears, Anti-Backlash gears, Worm gears and Worms, Helical gears, Bevel gears, Miter gears, Pinion Shafts, Cluster gears, Gear Rack, Gear Segment, Sector Gears, Hobbed gears, Shaped gears, Ground gears.

We will give you data about gearing measurements, equations, quality, materials, backlash, points of confinement and fits that you can use to help choose and configuration gears for your gathering.


THE ADVANTAGES: We know gears and gear applications.

  • Standard, adjusted or finish custom gears
  • Ratios are practically boundless
  • Inch or Metric gears
  • Broad determination of gear styles
  • 30 in addition to years of involvement in assembling gears
  • Gears for Instrumentation, Servo drives, Encoders or Power Transmission
  • Standard gears in 303 Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum and Acetal
  • Custom gears made in any material


Timing pulleys and belts cooperate to transmit revolving movement on parallel tomahawks. They require next to no support and can traverse bigger separations with less parts than gears, sparing substantial cost. Look over standard accuracy pulleys, ask for changes to meet your application needs, or indicate finish custom timing pulleys and belts to be fabricated by us.