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Universal Open Supply Sdn Bhd (UOS) is a trusted distributor in Malaysia of Roller Chains, Gears & Motors, Universal Joints, Conveyor Belts, Gear Couplings, Power Transmission Parts and growing. Our collective extensive knowledge and experience allows us to keep our products at the highest standards, complied to world standards, then to recommend and supply appropriate machinery parts for different needs. We serve many automation and transmission industries nationwide. We are particularly active in the supply of Chains, Gears and Power Transmission parts, and our expertise is based on flexible techniques and the ability to adapt to customers' requirements. Our products are well exported to recognized nations like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia etc. We carry a myriad of products, which includes conveyor chains, belts, gear motors, gear reducers, roller chains, sprockets, couplings, pulley and many more. Our products come from internationally renowned brands, like KANA, JAC, KTR-ROTEX, CHIARAVALLI-GIFLEX, BANDO, MEGADYNE, SPG, TUNG LEE, and MOTOVARIO among others. These brands are well known for their extreme durability and reputation. Our product range is perfect as part solution, repair, replacement and upgrades. We also provide customized solution for specific requirements. UOS offers unmatched quality with an effective cost. Browse through our product gallery, to have a better understanding on all coupling, gears and motor needs.

Roller Chains
Roller Chains
  • ANSI Roller Chain
  • BS/ DIN Roller Chain
  • ANSI Double Pitch Chain
  • Heavy Series Roller Chain
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Side Bow Chain
  • Nickel Plated & Darco Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • Agricultural Drive Chain
  • Chain Tools
  • Chain Connector & Offset Link

Small Conveyor Chains
Small Conveyor Chains
  • Double Pitch Chain
  • Attachment Chain
  • Hollow Pin Chain
  • Side & Top Roller Chain
  • Pin Attachment Chain
  • Side Bow Chain
  • Triple Speed Chain

Conveyor Chains
Conveyor Chains
  • Standard Conveyor Chain
  • Conveyor Chain with Attachment
  • Overhead Trolley Chain
  • Pintle Chain
  • Detachable Chain
  • Cement Mill Chain
  • Sugar Mill Chain
  • Palm Oil Mill Chain

Sprocket & Chain Coupling
Sprocket & Chain Coupling
  • "A","B" & "C" Type Sprockets
  • Duplex & Triplex Sprockets
  • Single Double Sprocket
  • Taper Lock Sprockets
  • Finished Bore Sprockets
  • Conveyor Sprockets
  • Chain Coupling

Gear & Timing Pulley
Gear & Timing Pulley
  • Spur Gear
  • Miter Gear
  • Bevel Gear
  • Rack Gear
  • Spiral Miter Gear
  • Helical & Worm Gear & Timing Pulley

All About Roller Chain and Conveyor Chain in Malaysia

Roller chains and conveyor chains are widely used in many industries, including automotive, food processing, and manufacturing, among others, in Malaysia. They are the primary components used in machines and equipment that require the transmission of power or motion between two or more parts. In this article, we will discuss the basics of roller chains and conveyor chains, their applications, and their importance in Malaysia's industrial sector.

Roller chains are commonly used in power transmission applications. They consist of a series of metal links, called pins and rollers, that are connected together to form a flexible chain. The pins serve as the pivot points, while the rollers allow the chain to move smoothly and transmit power from one component to another. In Malaysia, roller chains are used in machinery that requires a high degree of precision, such as CNC machines and robotic arms.

On the other hand, conveyor chains are primarily used to move products or materials from one location to another. They consist of a series of metal links, called attachments, that are connected together to form a rigid chain. The attachments can be customized according to the specific requirements of the application, such as the size and shape of the product being transported. In Malaysia, conveyor chains are used in various industries, including automotive, food processing, and packaging, among others.

Both roller chains and conveyor chains are critical components in the industrial sector in Malaysia. They are designed to withstand high loads, operate under harsh conditions, and require minimal maintenance. With the increasing demand for high-quality products, the use of roller chains and conveyor chains has become more important than ever before.

In conclusion, roller chains and conveyor chains are widely used in Malaysia's industrial sector. They play a critical role in power transmission and material handling applications. With their ability to withstand high loads and harsh conditions, they have become essential components in many industries. As the demand for high-quality products increases, the importance of roller chains and conveyor chains is only set to grow in the coming years.