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Welcome to Universal Open Supply

Welcome to Universal Open Supply Sdn Bhd website, an effort to serve your industrial parts demand better. We trades and distributes quality industrial parts for you and your company. We promise nothing but the best industrial parts that you can find in this industry like gear reducers, roller chains, couplings, conveyor belts, conveyor chains, gear motors etc.

We hope you can get to know more about our business, what we can offer and the types of products we sell, especially for light & heavy industry equipped with machinery and industrial parts. We request sincere feedback and enquiry to help us improve our service to you.

Chain & Gear
  • Roller Chains
  • Small Conveyor Chains
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Sprocket & Chain Coupling
  • Gear & Timing Pulley
  • Gear Coupling
  • Grid Coupling
  • Universal Joint
  • Disc Coupling
  • Jaw & Tyre Coupling
  • V-Belt
  • Timing Belt (Rubber & PU)
  • PU Round & PU V-Belt
  • Rubber & PVC Conveyor Belt
  • Special Application Belt
Gear Motor
  • Worm Geared Motor
  • Helical Geared Motor
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Variable Speed Motor / Brake Motor
  • Small Power Geared Motor (AC & DC)

Chain & Gear

As a Malaysia leading chain & gear supplier, Universal Open Supply chain & gear products are thru-hardened for maximum resistance to distortion, gouging, and wear. We stock full range of chain components, gear accessories and products including Roller Chains, Conveyor Chains, Pitch Chains, Stainless Steel Chain, Chain Tools and Chain Connectors. We offer a diverse range of chain for every application. We understand the demand for enhanced quality and technology, increased chain strength, improved durability of the chains. We supply many market leading ranges of chain and gears from corrosion resistant to maintenance free.


Universal Open Supply is a Malaysia supplier & distributor of coupling products. We offers a complete line of high quality flexible couplings including Gear Couplings, Grid Couplings, Flexible Disc Couplings, Chiaravalli Giflex Couplings, Tyre Couplings, Micro Couplings and many more. We provide reliable and cost effective couplings from recognized industry names which are ideal for demanding applications. Our couplings are lubrication and maintenance free; environmentally compatible for sustainable development, and are ideal for harsh environments. All our couplings are produced to the highest industry standards. For more details about the various couplings options available please contact us directly.


Conveyor belts are mainly used for transfer of material from one place to another. Conveyor belts can reduce the manpower and the automation allows for easy expansion of business. Universal Open Supply specializes in the supplies of different kinds of conveyor belts. Banking on our rich industrial experience, we engage in offering a diverse range of conveyor belts including Polyurethane (PU) Belt, Special Application Belt, Timing Belt, V-Belt and Rubber & PVC Conveyor Belt. We are at the forefront of belt supplies and distributions for numerous applications and industries. The conveyor belts are featured with high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, low maintenance and corrosion resistance. We consistently supply high quality belts to customers located throughout Malaysia.

Gear Motor

We offer high quality geared motors for uses in various industrial applications such as textile, road construction machinery, chemicals, cement, sugar, plastic, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and more. Superior in quality, efficiency and performance, our range of worm geared motors are available in various features and specifications such as horizontal, vertical and shaft mounted type. We offer Helical Gear Units are designed for continuous duty under difficult operating conditions. The gears are machined from high quality alloy steel, hobbed profile with correct tooth contact pattern for efficient loading. These gear motors are available in varied strengths. We supply Helical Geared Motors, Small Power Geared Motor, Variable Speed, AC Induction & Brake Motor and Worm Gears according to specific requirements and demand of markets.